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I feel so empty today… I don’t it feels like there’s nothing left and like no one left.
I miss my brother so much and specially in these winters we would do bonfires and listen to songs beside it bitch about our family. But I no longer can do that. It was our thing. And when he has left me I feel so lost. I can’t so it with someone else i can’t do it alone . It feels like am cheating on him or something. Everytime I look at our bonfire place my eyes get filled with tears. Sometimes i just go there and sit and relive all the memories . But the thing is its not my time to relive memories its our time to make new memories. Like we were still on our teens and god played his cards. I don’t know I just feel like crying and feel so sad and there is nothing I can do to make things better

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I lost my father to covid. It has been 6 months but the pain is still the same. No one can replace our loved ones. It’s okay to cry whenever you miss him.
Have faith. Time is the best healer. Keep all your memories with him treasured.
Do things that would make him happy if he was there with you. It will make you feel much better

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Thankyou so much I surely take your advice:)))) take care


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