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I feel like maybe I should be focusing on my career or life but honestly all I think about 364 days of the year is about my birthday. Like the minute it’s over, I’m planning the next one. Maybe that’s shallow, but if I was poor I probably wouldn’t even care about my birthday. I’d just be happy spending time with my loved ones. Fuckk that noise, I want to wake up drunk tomorrow, braless, on a flight. I’m 23 not 43, waste my time on having conversations with friends I’m probably not even going to be talking to in 2 years. I cringe at the very idea of someone saying “I don’t want to party on my birthday”, everyone has different choices and that’s what makes us unique, but commmme onnnnn. Like what are we supposed to do??? Order “food” and then “eat it” like I’d rather stab myself with a butter knife, than sit around and hear people talk about their relationships (romantic or platonic) which aren’t even going to last the week. Pleeeeasssee let’s rage because in 7 more years our bodies will not recover from hangovers like they do now. It is actual torcher for your party guests to sit across you and hear you say “I’m done with men/women”, we can’t ask you to shut up, we can’t walk away, we can’t ignore you because it’s your birthday. I wish more mum’s raised better party hosts, like mine did. Yeah I’m dreading a friend’s Birthday which is 2 days after mine.

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it is words like these that make me question if I am living my life enough, probably am, but then again always have been a rational, safe, pragmatic kind of a person…so basically I’m the 43@23 person. I just wanna do all of the cheesy rom-com bs: sit under the stars, a picnic in the park with a book, a solo trip, strong female group friendship and dynamics ( sex and the city ) and that’s just how flawed my perception of life is, so cheers! Also, listening to awake your soul by mumford & sons and have never questioned what I’m doing with my life more…


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