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I feel like if I wanna stay happy and at peace I will have to choose to be weak who isn’t confrontational even if something affects me or hurts me I just have to shut up about it
Or I can choose to fight back which will include in a lot of sacrifices and am not sure if I will be happy in the end but I will be stronger
I am currently on the first path but I think of the second one everyday , should I risk it? What if I never feel happy again?
Is being right better than being happy? Or vise versa? Am too scared to go to the second because of how happy I am on the first path right now but in the long run it’s gonna take me nowhere and I will always be a failure
What should I do?

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Simi @zealous_energy

Always fight for yourself. Happiness is a consequence of the right action. If u r right u will be happy. No one deserves to live acc to others. Live in terms of your rules. Risk it. Be at peace atleast happy with yourself




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