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I feel alone. No one cares. No one in my family understands me. All my friends are busy with their lives. I feel it’s somewhat my fault as I expect to get the care and love I give to people and it is never reciprocated. I always make sure I’m checking in with my friends but no one ever asks me how am I doing. I wanted to surprise my friends about something and now I don’t want to as I don’t think they care why the hell am I working hard for it.
No one knows what I’m feeling, what am I going through. I don’t want to do this anymore. I don’t know why am I suffering through all this. I don’t feel anything, I don’t feel happy or excited or angry. I just feel sad sometimes. This is worthless.

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Hey…I am so sorry that you feel this way… I understand your feelings… I just have realised that you can’t expect the world to be kind to you just because you are kind…but don’t change yourself because of that. Am sure you are an amazing person and care about everyone and that’s what makes you YOU, don’t let anyone or anything change that… be who you are!! Also, you are not alone, we are here with you…


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