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I don’t know where it went wrong, after I graduate high school I’ve become a bummer. Nothing wrong living with my parents house and I am still young. But, I really struggle going or finding work. I can fake it, like I being ambitious to getting a job, but its exhausting of faking it. Faking that you want to go to school, or finding a job. I struggle going to college, and I keep failing classes. Many people say being young adults means grabbing opportunities and explore and meet new people. After I graduated in high school, years passed, I struggle to do it. I think I have severe social anxiety. I am not looking for relationships, I am just looking for a friend. But I don’t deserve one.

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There’s a lot of pressure out there, to be a certain way and to live life a certain way. But you don’t have to succumb to it. Everyone needs a good friend, there’s certainly a lack of it. We have all forgotten about self-less friendships that perhaps used to exist. Every relationship in today’s times is a calculated risk-opportunity. You’re not alone and definitely not the only one who feels this way, I’ve been there too. Have you visited a psychologist yet? to help with social anxiety?All of us deserve a friend, and that includes you. All we have to do is be a good friend in return, without any expectations. And the same may come back to us, can’t say for sure because everybody’s selfish but yes ?


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