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I didn’t know where else to post this, or who would even listen to me. 
but I seriously wanted to talk about something. 
over the past few years, I lost a majority of my hair because of depression, anxiety, and stress. 
I was so used to seeing my big forehead. balding. they just never grew.
but then yesterday I was washing my face and I noticed all the baby hairs from my growing hairline sticking to my face!!! they grew out after almost 3 years. 
quarantine has been hard, but this little milestone made me feel so good. 
im still not okay, but i’m on my way to that place. 
what’s your little mental health milestone?

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Nora @nora

Remember that you can always post stuff here if u feel bad or just wanna talk to someone. There will always be someone who listens and tries to help you. :)
I’m glad this milestone happened to you and I am sure that more are going to follow.
My mental health milestone is when I just do what I set out to do and stop distracting myself. So being focused and convincing my mind to do sport are rlly big milestones for me. :D




its really hard right now, my area is in lockdown due to the virus. I try home workouts but they aren’t same as the gym. I’m missing that human interaction, im a bit lonely. I can’t see my friends. I miss that face to face communication


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