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_. giggles._ @__dbrar

I am staying very calm from a little while now,I have developed patience.I do not get angry or irritated anymore in any situation.I am grateful for the person I am developing into,at the same time I fear that what if I am getting emotionless,feelingless.Is this my calm or Am I feeling numb?

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Swotter @kskarthik

Bhai dimag tandi honi chahiye par dil kabi nahi. Aur enlightenment farak karne mein hain. Love ❤️

_. giggles._ @__dbrar

Pta hi ni lgra kya hora h bss gussa ni aa rha,zyada bolne ka mann ni krta,ptani abb dimag ka khel h k dil ka

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TeeJay @dran89

Koi nahi bhai! Be proud of who you are developing into. Bas itna yaad rakho, ki indifferent and apathetic nahi hona. Baki sab sahi 👍‍👍‍👍‍


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