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I am convinced (about 90% certain) that I am not human in some way. I have always believed in the supernatural and magic to some degree, probably because my Dad is a spiritual healer (I know it sounds weird to most people) and my Mother has always had ‘psychic’ or I guess a better phrase is not quite normal experiences.

I feel like there is a super secret society of people like me out there somewhere, teaching people how to use and harness their power. Or maybe I’m just part angel or demon? I’m not exactly sure yet. I know this isn’t normal and it’s probably a mental illness or condition, but I don’t think someone with a mental condition would be able to realise it…?

As someone who grew up in a very violent household with no father present, I feel like my brain probably had to keep itself okay and likely built this kind of illusion for me to stay sane. I also have extreme death anxiety and will regularly have extreme panic attacks about the idea of death, which I also feel contributes to my illusion (if it really is) of being more than human. After all, if I’m not human, I might never die.

All in all, I really just need a name for this type of feeling if there even is one. I feel like it could be an illusion or condition, but likely not. Am I alone or is this common? I just really need answers.

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I live under a rock so I can’t tell you if this is common or not but what I can offer is some words of comfort. I do believe in the supernatural but not to your extent, even so, if what you say is real, I hope you can find the answers to your concerns. I’m sorry that I can’t give you the answers that you’re looking for but I’ll be cheering you on. Good luck!


You are bit different than others but that doesn’t mean u r not a human being…u just have lost yout path and have involved yourself in some supernatural things in such a way that u r unable to see" the real you"… You have surrounded yourself with only those thoughts ,ideas that is continuously affecting u in such a way that now u have lost your real identity. .
When things aren’t comprehendable and u are just in the search of some answer then inspite of taking negative / supernatural help…take the help of supreme divine power that is God. Try to focus on them…meditate, do yoga , start doing some better things…like star gazing, talk with your friends, read books ,gardening , start developing some skills…do every positive things instead of involving your mind in that supernatural thoughts like death/life etc. …!
Inspite of focussing on supernatural things ,shift yourself towards Spiritual way…our supreme God and this will make a huge shift in your life…mind it !!


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