Highly sensitive people suffer more ?
More but why ?!
I never knew feeling everything soo deeply would hurt me soo badly.
I am just tired of people constantly telling me: Oh! cmon dont act like a kid . Stop getting so sensitive.Grow up and get a life.’
Sometimes It gets soo torturous .People around you treat you as weaklings .They think you are mentally and emotionally damaged and term you and your life as a ‘hot mess’. Well its simply a trait not a disorder . You feel things, connections more deeply . You find happiness in small things. People like me might feel zoned out in this normal real world but in our own world of depth everything is worthful and makes sense.

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Hey Bhavya !
Really relate a lot with what you’ve said. people are always like why do you get upset for such a small thing? but in reality only we know it is the small things that really matter. now if you cant respect my decisions and things i that matter for me, you might as well not be a part of my life. Its the people like to whom silence really speaks✨

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