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Magic @optimisticmagic0014

Hi nice to meet y’all I wanted to share that I have Dissociative Identity Disorder DID. Half the time it’s okay to deal with but other times it’s not fun. DID Is when you have different alters within you and they are separate from you and do their own things. I myself have to live with 10+ alters and it’ll be nicer if we were referred to as a system Thanks. You can get DID at a young age I believe it’s from 6-9 years of age (correct me if I’m wrong) but I have memories of stuff before that happened which I don’t like as well. When I was 3 I was adopted and that STILL haunts me, as I still get flashbacks (no fun) I’m 16 now so have been dealing with that for 13 years. I know adoption should be an easy transition but not always Maybe a lot of people can(not) remember what happened to them at the time but I have an idea what happened to me. When I came to the US I wasn’t the best a socializing either and cried a lot. Isn’t that normal though? Well, for me I had no social skills and I’m an introvert too haha anyways fast forward to 4th grade. When I entered 4th grade I went to a physical building for school and it was horrible my teacher hated me and called me out too many times (no fun) and my classmates also bullied me as well…Then I got held back in 4th grade for “social reasons” and when I had to repeat. When I repeated it a new kid was in my class but technically he was a grade below me and he made fun of me and threatened me and physically abused me too (no joke). Also, there was another kid named Nick who used to pretend I was his dog and he’d pet me. (I also think that is odd?) And then he left a year later but then I’d still have to deal with my other bully until 6th grade and that was another two years (four years total of emotional/mental/physical abuse) my teacher made me cry every day and that wasn’t very fun…at all 😫😫😫 Well now let’s fast forward in time again to my 8th-grade year and the start of High School year. (I’m currently in 9th grade going on 10th right now) When I was in 8th grade some of the sophomores at the time really emotionally abused me and that wasn’t very fun for me! Well I don’t think it’s meant to be fun!? I told people about my situation for EVERY TIME this happened but did the adults do anything? No not really which leaves me having DID. I told two of my close friends and they are supportive of me. (I hope y’all are too) I also have depression and REALLY bad anxiety and self-hatred. I hope my post isn’t too long and I also hope I’m not wasting your time as well. I just wanted to tell people and figured its better online so no one can do anything bad towards me! My current class two of my classmates mocked me and that’s been since 7th grade and I’m in 9th now going into 10th grade. So I would only have to put up with this behavior until 2023! I mean I can’t really do anything so I guess I’ll just deal with it then. I also self-harmed in the past thinking it was a good way to deal with all my pain too (Please don’t judge) And thanks for listening guys to my rants! :) If anyone wants to comment on what they think please do! So I have DID, Depression, Self-hatred and probably some other stuff too so…that’s it Thanks and have a good night/day wherever you are!

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I’m sure not everything is ok for you right now. I remember being pushed around, having rumors spread about me and being slammed on my shoulders. I started crying a lot ever since I came back home, I didn’t feel great about any support I got. Every teacher and adult I told this to just told me to ignore them. I felt very frustrated and cried alone in the dark ( also how I conquered my fears of the dark btw). At this point, I was begging for time to skip to middle school, only to realise that my bully was going to the same middle school as me. Around that time, I started getting more social. Introducing the new student to everyone, I learned that people aren’t all that bad, sure, some people that you trust dearly might now be all too reliable, but you can always make a change. I tried to cut myself back in 7th grade, I just couldn’t. I hated the pain and the cuts that show. My parents would start complaining about how spoiled and ungrateful i am, it hurts to know that not even my parents care about my mental health. Heartaches come and never go away. I started taking my anger out on people and thats when everything changed. I met people that loved me for who I am, not because of my money or the answers I gave. So I would suggest that you find the awkward people and talk to them. I see the popular kids as people that only care about themselves. The people that look awkward have the most experiences with bullying. So when school starts and you become a sophomore, try and socialize even in the smallest ways. Passing notes and tapping people on the back to see how your convo goes. I’m gonna be a freshman by the way so yeah good luck senpai!


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