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idkwhothisis123 @claudialister

hey guys, i have a decision to make. i am in year 12 and studying a levels. i need 3 a’s to do the course i want at uni. bc of corona and stuff, i have missed a lot of my education even though i have had lessons online. i have asked if i can repeat year 12 and my headmaster says that i can if i want to. although he said that there is no need for me to do so, i kind of feel like i need to. i don’t know what to do. if i stay on i get to be with my friends, and i get to graduate with them. if i don’t i get to make new friends and have more security with my a levels. does anyone have any advice to help me with my decision. thank you ❤️

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Hey, that seems like a tough decision but not an impossible one. I’d say, weigh it out. Make a list of pros and cons and then decide. This wouldn’t be a decision you can make in a day but it’ll be a process. In the end, it’s not about what’s right or wrong, because there is no correct answer to this. What would ultimately matter is that which decision can you live with without any regrets! I don’t want you to regret your choice later :) All the best!


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