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A @_depravity_

Hey everyone this is another rant, I apologize to those who think this is me being overly dramatic. This might seem repetitive but so is my life, it’s like a broken record stuck on track that you don’t like.

I know a lot of you asked me to speak to my partner about how I was feeling. Unfortunately for me the last time I tried to talk to him about this matter we ended up having a huge argument and then not talking to each other for days. While I do know I’m at fault too, it’s hard living with some one who constantly picks their little family over you.

Don’t get me wrong I understand it’s hard being married & living with your spouse in the same house you grew up in. I do understand that you will end up choosing the parents you’ve known all your life over someone you’ve met barely a year ago. I know I’d run to my parents when they would need me.

My issue is that I live with them and my husband doesn’t have to see my family ever day. Honestly my family adore him but his they treat me good on the outside, there’s nothing to complain about for someone looking from the outside. But the fact I barely get to see my husband when he didn’t at work without his mother jumping in my way, father asking him to be his driver and sister bringing her son over to monopolize his time, quite honestly sucks.

My question is what do I do, growing up I never wanted to get married & now that I am, I feel like I’m worth nothing. I was never confident growing up, and it took me forever to build upjst for it to begin chipping away. I wonder how long this glass dome that I’ve built to protect myself will last before shatters.

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