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β€ΊEmotional Abuseβ€ΊThought

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Ruby @ruby_tca

Had a mock test today. Didn’t go well. Looked at the girl sitting behind me; she had attempted almost the entire paper within the time limit. Felt terribly bad about my speed at attempting the test. My confidence was crushed further.

I have no idea if I’ll be able to clear any law entrance exam this year. Moreover, I am afraid what ordeal my parents will put me through if I’m unable to get into one of the top NLUs, or worse, if I’m unable to crack the entrance. I’ll most probably get an earful for wasting their money.

I can’t describe how much I regret my life choices now. I have decided that if I am unable to clear CLAT this year, I’ll kill myself. I won’t be able to take the emotional abuse. I’ll rather die. I really will.

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You can clear CLAT exam , beleive in yourself.

Prince yadav @ajskwowm


Don’t give up…just be confident beleive in yourself and do hard work you will be suceed


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