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If you or somebody you know is currently struggling, please take deep breaths and reach out to somebody. Here are few resources that may help.

For the longest time I have wanted to feel taken care for/ have someone look after me/ listen to me/ ask me about my day/ have someone to muffle my cried with their chest/ kiss me forehead and tell me they are there. Bei.g the therapist friend is hard, its not my fault I chose to study Psychology it’s not a ticket for you to unload your trauma on me. I want to be there for you as a friend and I care about you and I want to help you out, know what’s going on in your life but who’s there for me. I hate getting this tag of a therapist friend. The ‘im here’ culture is unjust !!

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Don’t worry dear…they just don’t show but without you…they might be facing some serious issues…you are doing great…and if you feel that much bad…then just tell them clearly that you felt that way…and don’t wanna do this again…
And if you need to share your things…you can come here…we ’ Lonely Souls ’ are here…to hear you…to talk with you …to share yours as well as our part of failure, frustration, confusion, and so on…
You just don’t loose hopes…I’m with you…you just need to say…
Everything will be fine…
Trust on time… it’ll pass too…
Hope for the Best…🤞❤️


Hey mate can we still talk about this?


Hi! Yes always happy to engage in a conversation


You doing okay now?
I’ll be more than happy to be that ONE.


I am.
I still feel this way strongly but I’m learning to draw boundaries.
Thankyou so much checking in :)) it means alot!
I hope you are doing well too.

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