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Ever since corona started my ocd dad never let me go outside. I understand his pov except I haven’t even gone for a walk (just one time, but it was months ago) and I’ve explained to him that I would wear a mask and take the correct precautions to stay social distanced but he still denies me. My cousins and friends have asked to see me and my family but we don’t. I think this is getting too far considering it’s already July and I haven’t been a step outside since late April. He also watches the news nonstop and I feel as though he is becoming brainwashed. There are more things that he does that I won’t mention in this post, but I am completely over quarantine and I really wish life can go completely back to normal. (Also I’m 16 if this changes anything) And I hope you all stay healthy and be safe through these times

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Awwww this is awful. Talk to your mom go for grocery shopping. Change the channel make your father busy like ask him for some help doing your studies try to watch movie together with family be happy smile everything will be okay best of luck

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