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Even though I have been diagnosed with my problems I felt like all of them havent been addressed so I took an assessment test. Here are the results lol
1. Anxiety assessment (part 1) score - 19
(Ranges from 0-21, 21 being the worst)
2. Anxiety assessment (part 2) score - 38
(Ranges from 0-56, above 21 is severe anxiety)
3. Depression assessment - score 26
(Ranges from 0-27, 27 being most severe)
4. PTSD assessment score - 66
(Ranges from 0-80, cut off score for considering symptoms is 38)
5. Clinical anger assessment score 40
(Ranges from 0-63, 63 being the worst)

Huh… I am not sure what to think anymore lol

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I had asked my therapist in the last session I ever had with her that idk whether I feel worse than I say or its the other way around. I have a long history of trauma and also interpersonal relationships because my trauma is associated with my family. Ofc I donot believe in the exact numerical values but I belong to the medical field too so there I am not totally ignorant about the clinical valuation and representation of these assessments. I do have crippling anxiety, i do have a chronic history of depression which was unaddressed for an unhealthy amount of time. There are some aspects of my health that dont allow me to seek help as well. I am aware of it but I dont have the will to proceed, again, its in my head (you may speculate and it isnt wrong) but its still my head. I cant separate it from myself.

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No offense but its easier said than done. I am someone who struggles with day to day activity now. Genuinely dont know where I am gonna go with this kinda life but… Okay

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