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Despite how often this is talked about now, there are a lot of times when one feels discouraged or not up to the mark. I don’t know if men feel it too, but as women it seems like we’re constantly just trying to attain hairlessness, fairness and as far as body your body goes you can’t have any weight and still must be curvy. Thin, but not too thin. It seems that no matter what body type you are, you are never good enough. Men have a significant role to play in this, but furthermore it breaks my heart to say that women pul each other down. Her nails are not even filed, she’s too fat, why is she wearing that, her clothes are always too revealing and the list goes on. I just wish I could be in sweatpants all the time and just relax and not give a sh*T about what anyone has to say or expects of me.

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yesssssssss so true


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