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Shraddha M. @shraddha_mang...

Considering the challenges life throws our way, how are you coping with your thoughts and emotions at this moment, and what steps do you feel would benefit you in nurturing your mental well-being?

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I’m trying to push myself into having a little more faith. If not in people, then at least in God. After everything I’ve seen, people no longer seem easy to trust. Nobody really gets the way I now see the world with my eyes. I’m trying to better, if not the person I was before.

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Shraddha M. @shraddha_mang...

It’s important to place our faith & hope somewhere or the other, be it god/universe/higher power whatever that feels right to you. This is especially important while we are navigating life’s challenges and/or trying to understand life. I’m glad to know that having faith is helping you. Best wishes 🌻


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