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Can someone please tell me how to do or things we can do in Self-care ?

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Hope @cureplace

treat yourself, stand for yourself and take care of your health and well being.


You can take care of yourself… whenever you get into any trouble think like you are your best friend and then suggest yourself what’s is best for you…
Work on body… on your skill… love yourself more and more… always look forward… don’t ever look back… what’s done is done… just make your present better… and always think positive about yourself and for others as well… remove yourself out of toxicity… don’t judge people but don’t surround yourself with the people who are mean to you and take you for granted… just remove those people… and the last but not least take care of your emotions and your mental health… don’t stress yourself too much with things you can’t change…

It’s what i could think because these are things i am doing right now in my life… tc 🤗


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