20 Ways to Become a Better Partner in Your Relationship

Ilma Haider

09 August 2023

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What is the secret behind a healthy relationship? Its commitment, mutual respect, and constant effort to become better. This formula applies if you've been with your partner for months or years. Even if it was love at first sight, you need to work on your relationship to make it work constantly. Don't worry; this process doesn't necessarily have to be complicated.

Every relationship is different, but how to be a better partner in a long-distance relationship, the need to improve your friendship, how to understand each other better, having intimacy, and making bonds are confusing for everyone. Don't worry; we have got you covered!

Why Do Relationships Require Work & Effort?

A better partner will help you achieve the goal of a healthy relationship. But how to be a better partner in a relationship? If you have a strong mindset to become a better partner, then only the outcome of your relationship will be positive.

And also because we all know that pushing someone to do better or change for us has never worked out in the past.

But, if you start to change, maybe it will inspire your partner to do the same. If you want to learn ways to become a better partner, look at these 20 tips for a better relationship and for becoming a better partner.

how to be a better partner

20 Effective Ways to Become a Better Partner

1. Embrace your natural personality

This is very important when trying to be a better partner. Do not bring about changes in your personality just to appease someone. You have to start from ‘you.’ With time, slowly, achieve who you want to ‘become.’ Being yourself will help you live as an individual first, and then somebody else’s partner next.

So, how do you know who you are? First, you will have to disassociate yourself from all the negative energy. Give up anger, bitterness, lies, unforgiveness, etc. These things do not define you. These behaviours can destroy your relationship in the blink of an eye.

You are defined outside of what people say about you. Look for the positives and focus on highlighting them in your relationship.

2. Promote open communication

Communication is the main key to building a solid and loyal relationship. Ask your partner questions about how their day was or what they had for lunch, among other things.

Enhance your relationship by making better communication and putting extra effort into those questions. Try listening more closely to each other, and have more meaningful conversations.

3. Always show your gratitude

We often forget the importance of a small ‘thank you’. Especially relationships that have worked out for years and have a specific routine tend to forget this word. Instead, we just expect our partner to meet all our requirements.

Using a simple “thank you” for the small things can change everything, making them feel appreciated. Moreover, it will grow your emotions for each other. It is very important to show appreciation and gratitude towards each other; it shows them how much you mean to them and not the material things.

4. Be more kind and gentle

Anger issues, hot-tempered, aggressive, or maybe violent? Which of these do you relate to? Even if only one, then these are not the words anyone wants to hear when getting into a relationship. Your anger does not define you. Try reacting more calmly. Even though there is no guarantee that your partner is the best person, you have to be gentle.

Taking care of your partner in a gentle way is important; it helps you from mentally or emotionally hurting them. A small hug, holding hands, and not shouting are some of the first steps to take.

5. Strengthen your relationship with spontaneous check-ins

When you are dating someone, scheduling everything may not be the sexiest thing for your relationship. Instead, try doing spontaneous check-ins with each other to keep the relationship strong. Feelings of arrogance and annoyance can occur, but this also means fewer fights, more communication, and a much better connection.

It is you and your partner vs the problem, not the other way. Check-ins are also helpful to discuss issues or maybe to appreciate each other. Pick a date and time to talk.

6. Learn the act of spontaneity

Are you grateful to your partner for even the most minor things they do for you? Do you regularly keep spontaneity alive? If not, then your relationship will not progress as it should. So, you ask, how do I become a better life partner? Well, someone who is grateful for anything that you do for them. A real partner helps you receive more. It stops you from focusing on the shortcomings of your partner.

Once you learn to be appreciative of your spouse and reciprocate with spontaneous acts of kindness, you will thank them more often. This only means one thing: A stronger relationship.

7. Take action

Take action in your relationship. Behaviours make all the difference for your happiness and your partners. Intentional efforts can benefit you in the long run.

Try being more positive. Express your happiness and pleasure by spending time together. Understand each other by forgiving, apologizing, listening, and refraining from judgment. Be open to sharing your needs and wants in the relationship and self-disclose feelings to encourage your partner. Share everyday tasks and responsibilities.

8. Cultivate humility for a positive and forgiving relationship

In your relationship, consciously cultivating humility can have a profound impact. Maintaining a degree of humility helps create a more positive dynamic with your partner, fostering understanding, empathy, and a willingness to forgive. By setting aside ego-driven behaviors and embracing humility, you create space for growth, compassion, and deeper emotional connection. Cultivating humility and practicing forgiveness lay the foundation for a healthier and more resilient relationship.

9. Respect your partner

What should a partner bring to a relationship? Respect for each other. Nothing should get in the way of you treating your partner with respect. Your achievement or status, nothing. The way you respect your partner reflects the type of person you are. Your respect will help you grow your relationship.

10. Affection

The small things matter. From holding hands in a restaurant to going to bed together. So, what is a good partner in a relationship? Simple, if your partner knows how you feel about them, that's all you need. Believe it or not but physical touch is a must. You need romance and a live connection to grow together.

Avoid having a physical touch routine. Get creative. In addition to the hellos and goodbyes, hug your partner unexpectedly, watch tv together, shop together, and pat their arm. Anything! Remember, physical closeness is the key to emotional closeness.

couple in love

11. Be kind to yourself

Of course, you have to be kind to your partner. But start by being kind to yourself. Self-compassion and self-love are mood boosters. These will not only grow you but your relationship also.

We all are imperfect, inadequate, and fail at times. But those things don’t define us. Self-compassion can change your behaviour and improve your relationship. Offer care to your partner and work on yourself at the same time.

12. Make each other laugh

A relationship is just a friendship between two people. While love is a crucial part of a relationship, liking is also important. Having dreams for your future and romanticizing each other is good, but being friends should be your top priority.

Why? Because friends make each other laugh every day. As friends, you will not feel scared or ashamed to share funny stories that happened to you. Making each other laugh will not only make your bond stronger, but it will also help you remember to enjoy your relationship.

13. Improve virtues

Books and movies have taught us one thing: relationships have to be romantic and sweet and that partners know how to make each other smile all the time. These things are important.

But the question is, how to be a better partner? It is with improving your virtues. Just as important as being honest, having integrity, and maturity. These things are a reflection of your personality and determine if your relationship will work.

14. Focus on yourself

How we feel about ourselves plays an important role in how our partners will see us. If you are someone who lacks confidence in yourself, then you will look for it in your relationship, or if you don't like being alone, you will want to be with your partner at all times. This can suffocate your partner.

So, to prevent this trait, build a strong sense of self. Invest in yourself by trying out a new hobby, plan trips with friends, and discover who you can be. Once you truly love yourself, you will have someone who will love you for that.

15. Spend time together

If you want to become a better partner for your relationship, then you have to achieve this. Spend more time together. Spending time together will help you build something more profitable with your partner, and you will also understand them better.

Do not dominate in your relationship. Listen to what your partner has to say. This will help your partner feel like they have your complete attention and that they matter to you.

16. Give up ignorance

Ignorance can be a big turn-off for your partner. Your partner can have desires and needs. Do not ignore them. Acknowledge them with respect. As a good partner, you need to look into every possible aspect of respecting each other. These ways to be better in a relationship can change your life.

17. Do something nice for them

Kindness is the key to happiness. It is true! A small act of kindness can positively turn everything around in your relationship. And being nice does not only include doing nice things for your partner once in a while, but it should be your duty to accomplish something new for them.

It could be anything, like helping your partner out on a task, saying thank you, or even giving messages when they need one.

18. Act and not react

We all can sometimes act out of anger in our relationship rather than taking steps to solve it. The problem could be anything, behaviour, or any issue.

The key thing to remember is to stop complaining about how the situation is affecting you; you should show your partner that you want to change things for the better.

19. Honesty

We've all heard the phrase, "honesty is the best policy." Honesty is crucial when you're in a relationship. And even as an individual. Being honest means, you're real; you accept reality, and it just might be easier for you to become a better person.

Especially when you are with someone, do not try to cover up your mistakes, lies and problems from your partner. This can result in a breakup. Simply stick to the truth and maintain integrity.

20. Love each other

Times get hard. Anyone can easily feel like breaking down, giving up or just leaving. But don’t leave your partner hanging in the air. So, why and how to be a better lover in a relationship? There are many ways to show love to your partner. The best is by respecting them and encouraging them to do better.

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Just learning to develop yourself is a major step in improving yourself as a partner. It’s a step toward self-control, self-talk control, temperament control, and behaviour modification. Accept that it is hard work. It will take time and effort. It is a continual process, not a singular destination. Accept that you will fail. That doesn’t mean you won’t win the next race.

Communication is key to a healthy relationship. Talk about it; talk about what's causing you trouble. Don't overthink it. Overthinking is the biggest problem of all. If communication is the key to a healthy relationship, then overthinking is the key to the most toxic relationship you've ever seen. Love and love and love! Sometimes all you need is to give love. Pamper your partner, give them some extra effort, and love them endlessly.

Relationships take a lot more than love and promise to keep them going. Love alone won’t keep your relationship strong in the long run. The most important things in a relationship are communication, trust, respect, honesty, and Loyalty. Relationships aren’t always easy and to keep them going both partners need to work hard.

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