What is a Hopeless Romantic? 15 Signs You Might Be One

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Sarvika Aggarwal

20 December 2023

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If you are a hopeless romantic, you surely believe in true love and fairytales and know that whatever happens, love conquers all. In a nutshell, hopeless romantics are optimists when it comes to love and know that even if they don’t get the love they want, they will definitely get the one they deserve.

Even if they have been hurt badly in the past or have had bad experiences, they don't stop believing in love. To be precise, they are like Ted Mosby from How I Met Your Mother.

However, if you do not know in which category you fit, there are some signs to help you determine that.

What is a Hopeless Romantic?

Hopeless romantic meaning — those individuals who never stop believing in love, even if they have had bad experiences or have encountered partners with red flags. They believe in the concept of “the one” and know that whatever happens or whatever experiences they have, they will find their true love one day.

Hopeless romantics are extremely loving, caring, and passionate about sharing their love for the other person. At the same time, they also love to be loved and cared for. However, due to their intense passion for love, they tend to overlook the red flags of the other person or are not able to form intimate relationships because they are mostly attracted to the idea of love rather than making an effort to stay in love.

what is a hopeless romantic

15 Signs of a Hopeless Romantic

If you wish to know if you are a hopeless romantic or if you are dating one, here are some signs to understand that:

1. Overly optimistic

Hopeless romantics are usually overly optimistic about love and see it as a fairytale rather than having realistic expectations about it. Even though this trait keeps them happy-go-lucky in life, it can go to an extreme where they might overlook certain red flags in the other person.

2. Daydreaming about love

Hopeless romantics are usually daydreaming about their love lives—what should it be like? Future plans? And just daydreaming about the idea of love. When it comes to true love, it is not always exciting; there are days that make it frustrating or even monotonous, but hopeless romantics are usually happy about the idea of love rather than truly being in love with the other person.

3. Fantasizing about their wedding day

Hopeless romantics love to think about their special day without considering who their partner is, what kind of bond they share, or discussing their expectations with each other. They love to make plans for celebrations of love or dream about their future with their loved ones but in a not-so-healthy manner.

fantasizing about their wedding day

4. Obsessed with romantic movies

Hopeless romantics are die-hard fans of romantic movies and always imagine their lives to be like those in the movies. Romantic movies are mostly based on unrealistic expectations, so if you are a fan of such movies, it is quite plausible that you unconsciously set those expectations for your spouse and partner and wish them to make such gestures of love for you.

5. Rushing into relationships

Hopeless romantics are usually in love with the idea of falling in love and building a life together with their partner, so to get there fast, they usually rush into relationships without looking into their intricacies. They mostly come into the relationship out of infatuation and not because they have an emotional connection.

6. Not being able to form long-term relationships

Hopeless romantics are not able to form long-term relationships and usually come into relationships because of physical attraction or infatuation. They do not think much about their relationship or its future goals and come into it because of the early excitement and butterflies it brings.

Not being able to form long-term relationships

7. Falling in love time and again

Hopeless romantics tend to fall in love time and again, as they do not form an emotional bond with the other person but only come into a relationship because they get attracted to the other person or have an infatuation towards them.

8. Putting their needs aside

Hopeless romantics usually tend to avoid their needs and look after the other person’s needs, even if it makes them feel strange and uncomfortable. They give everything to the other person because they have an attachment to them and only wish to make them happy, even if it costs them their happiness.

9. Ignoring red flags

At times, hopeless romantics look at things emotionally rather than objectively. If a person they are dating has some red flags, they overlook them and continue to date them, even if they have to put aside their needs.

Ignoring red flags

10. Idealizing their partner

Hopeless romantics usually tend to idealize their partners and put them on a pedestal. They look at them as some kind of different creature who is perfect and made without any flaws. Even if that person carries red flags, they overlook those qualities and wish to make a home with them.

11. Giving a lot in relationships

Hopeless romantics give everything when it comes to relationships. They are deeply and madly obsessed with the other person and will do anything to impress them and keep them in their lives. So they look past their needs and give everything to the other person in the relationship.

12. Investing too much

Hopeless romantics tend to invest a lot in their relationships, even if it is quite draining for them. They do it for their partner's happiness, as they tend to make their partner’s happiness their happiness.

Investing too much

13. Not spending time with themselves

Hopeless romantics do not spend time with themselves or give themselves that “me time” and are constantly around their partner, giving them love, affection, and care. They do not make time for their hobbies, passions, or things that make them happy, and they always engage in things that make their partner happy.

14. Not giving space to their partner

Oftentimes, hopeless romantics can come off as clingy when expressing their feelings, especially to people who like their space. However, hopeless romantics tend to forget that and are constantly revolving their lives around their partners.

15. Making the other person their whole life

Hopeless romantics do not live in the real world and create a whole new world where there are only them and their partners. They are constantly revolving around them, their needs, wants, expectations, and everything that makes them happy, not being selfish about their own needs.

Making the other person their whole life

Is being a Hopeless Romantic bad?

Being a hopeless romantic can get you hurt or manipulated by others quite often and easily. It is not a bad thing to be expressive and out there about your love; however, always looking at things from an emotional perspective can make you ignore the red flags or certain characteristics of a person.

So while it is okay to be madly in love with someone you care about and wish to spend the rest of your life with, it is also important to look at things objectively and with your brain so that you do not hurt yourself time and again. Balancing both of these traits are the best way to go.

Is being a hopeless romantic bad

Is it Possible to be Romantic Without Being "Hopeless"?

Yes, it is very possible to be romantic without being hopeless. You do not have to be necessarily a hopeless romantic to express your love for another person. Being balanced while making the other person feel loved and cared for and showing affection is absolutely fine.

Being a hopeless romantic comes with its own set of consequences and difficulties, so while loving the other person, it is important that you look out for yourself too. So to sum up, yes, you can be a romantic person without being hopeless.

Is it possible to be romantic without being hopeless

When Should Hopeless Romantics Seek Professional Assistance?

Although being romantic and expressing yourself isn’t an issue, but if it doesn’t make you feel true to yourself or is hurting you, then you can consult an expert and talk about this.

Overall, being a romantic and showering your loved ones with love isn’t wrong but if it is only you who is doing all the work and you do not get the same response from others, you need to be vocal about it or you can re-evaluate the relationships that you have in your life.

Basically, it depends on you and your alignment with your personality. So if you feel you should consult a professional, then you can do that without second douting yourself, as that will only bring clarity on what kind of relationships make you happy and what doesn’t.

When should hopeless romantics seek professional help

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The Bottom Line

When we talk about hopeless romantics, we usually get the picture of a person who is hopelessly in love with their partner and will do anything to make them or feel cared for. And even when we describe hopeless romantics, they are those individuals who believe love is the only thing that matters in the world and can conquer anything and everything. However, adding to this, being a hopeless romantic can have its own consequences and difficulties that might hinder the other person’s mental health. So, while there is absolutely no issue with expressing your love, it is important to look after yourself and not pressure yourself into being in a relationship that isn’t giving you half of what you are giving to them.

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