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Being here at home with my sister is hard. Yes, I enjoy her company at times but at some point I can tell that her words really really hurts all the time. She always says words like “stupid”, “bitch” and many more. It’s just hard to hide your emotions. I don’t know what to do and say. She always tells me about what kind of behaviour I have. She always sees me as a “killjoy” and annoying person/girl. It just hurts a lot and I don’t know what to do about it. Any advice?

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I think that you should talk to her about it. Just tell her that it hurts you, and if she won’t stop I you should try and ignore her.
Sorry if this didn’t help!

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First of all. It’s important the age difference. If she is younger, she will probably feel like you are too serious and just boring. But if she is older, maybe she wants you to be more outgoing and have fun while you are young.
Either way. You have to talk. It’s pretty simple. Tell her how you feel. “Hey. When you say I am stupid, even if you don’t feel it. It hurts. I feel like you are right and I should be ashamed of myself or I should change” and so on.
And don’t put off this conversation. Because there won’t be a right moment for it. “Oh she is not in the mood. It’s not a right time” or “Oh she is in a good mood. I don’t wanna ruin it”
If you want change, you have to make the first step.


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