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At the age of 21, i didn’t choose right career prospective and pursuing a normal degree. i was very disturbing by own ideaology that whether it was correct or not …?

Post anonymously?

Hey Chintu don’t think too much that you had chosen a wrong path. It happens with most of students. What you can simply do is to find out your interest related career as you have time to think during this crisis. Just give yourself some time. 🙂


I agree with those who have already answered this question and know that at any point of time you can change your career which is completely fine. Doing something at any point of time in your life is never too late but yeah you might wish that you could have spent more time doing what you love but that’s okay, at least you will be doing what you love. So go ahead and search about what you love, try out those things and figure out how you can make career in that field, and if you can share then share with me, I might be a help in guiding you the way to be in that field. Talking about normal degree, that’s completely okay, at least you’re learning something, knowledge in any field is never wasted. 😄 So it’s okay. After completion of this degree you can go ahead with the one you are interested in or in this lockdown you can pursue related courses on various platforms like Coursera or Edx something like that. All the best for you career and never be too harsh on yourself.


Don’t worry, every day has various opportunities.
Experiment yourself, find your passion, stick to it persistently.
Be happy