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โ€บGrowing Upโ€บThought


zindagi me ese bhi log ayenge
jo kuch waqt me hi hamre bht kareeb ho jayenge โ€ฆ
hm badal lenge khud ko unke khatir โ€ฆ
or phir vo achanak se badal jayenge โ€ฆ
shuruvat me to sab thik rahegaa prโ€ฆ
at the end sab apna roop dikha hi jayengeโ€ฆ
kl tak jo ajnabi hua karta tha
wo apna hokar
phir anjaan ho jayegaโ€ฆ
yeh zindagi bhi to esi hi hua karti hai โ€ฆ
khud ke pass kam aure pass
zayada raha karti hai โ€ฆ

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