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you’ve heard of listening to the same song on repeat until you’ve extracted every drop of serotonin from it, now get ready for:
- wearing that outfit/item of clothing you love to every social engagement you attend until either it needs a wash or you’re forced to change it so that people don’t think it’s the only thing you own
- watching the same film or episode of a show you like like until there’s no point in watching it again because you can vividly recall every scene in your head
- eating your favorite food until you’re so used to it that it’s tasteless and nauseating
- reading the same book until you can recite every line word for word from memory
-repeating the same word/phrase in response to everything until it stops being funny and starts getting annoying

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Avni @avni

Yup Yup. The only habits i will not change for anyones betterment.


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