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Niharika S. @niharika_shar...

You’re your own home.

In a world of 8 billion longing hearts, I hope you find the people who know this place is better because you exist. I hope you find the hearts and souls who believe their life is lovelier with you in it.

In a world of 8 billion lives, I hope you’re on a path towards a meaningful life. I hope you’re writing a life story you’ll be proud to leave behind. Have faith, for what you seek will eventually find you, and what you deserve you will eventually arrive at.

In a sea of 8 billion humans, I hope you find those who’ve already mastered self-regard. I hope you’ve also journeyed within you & have found and understood self-love. In a sea of 8 billion people, I hope you find the one whose heart you can proudly call your own. I hope you find the one who truly loves you, the one you can always call your home. When you look in the mirror, you’ll find the person you can always rely on. You’re your greatest treasure. You’re your own home.

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