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Your cousins can be toxic sometimes.

They’re like snakes, they spit venoms😭

When I talk with them, it’s like they’re giving advice to me, as if they’re concerned about me, my family , but here’s the reality, it’s actually NOT. More than good advice it’s always negative vibes from them.


How do I deal with them? I can’t immediately stop talking with them right…

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thesassysenorit... @krish98

Yesss! 💀 it’s better to cut them off as soon as possible. People who get your mental health drained needn’t be in your life!

Just try telling them you’ve been busy, couldn’t hang out and stuffs.

Gradually stop talking with them🙅🏻‍♀️


It’s hard for me to say this toxicity to my parents, that’s why I’m dealing with this on my own.

Anyways, I will do it for sure!

Thanks love ❤️

thesassysenorit... @krish98

Tc of your mental health…

Sending you virtual hugs 🫂❤️


one method i normally use is i write down their negative comments, take a pause, think through honestly within myself
1) Are they making sense/ talking right?
2) If yes, do i have scope to improve?
3) If no, then what are things or situation which will prove their statement wrong.
After this thinking process i write my response below their comment. Often it brings me a lot of clarity.


Better you stop hanging with them… And avoid them little by little and never make yourself feel unwanted


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