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You wanna know a secret?

Think about what you want most right now.

Align your thoughts (obsessively thinking) & emotions (obsessively feeling)  onto that “one thing”.

Now be careful, you may think about something, but you may feel you won’t get it.

So make sure you really, really, FEEL it in your heart of hearts.

Fill up your whole consciousness with the thoughts and feelings about that one thing.

Live and breathe every second of your day OBSESSING about that one thing.

And here’s the SECRET:

Hold that thought + feeling for one MOON CYCLE.

Which means from new moon 🌑 to full moon🌕 (14 days)

It’ll start manifesting.

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जया🐚 @jaya78

If it’s real then -🙌🏻 advance thq 🍦🐨

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