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You have so much to be thankful for; if youโ€™re reading this today, you have a phone, a working internet connection, a good understanding of the English language, a fully or partially functional brain - so much to be grateful about.
You have so many people to be thankful for; your mother, your best friend, the person you had a crush on, the person you almost dated, the person who broke your heart, the person who backstabbed you during a test, the person who forgot to text you back. Each and every one of them a memory, a lesson.
You have so many incidents to be thankful for; that one time you got so sick you thought youโ€™ll die but you didnโ€™t, that one time your heart was broken so bad you thought youโ€™ll never love again but you did, that one time you thought attending classes will drive you crazy but did.
You have so much to be thankful for, but all that you have in your head is the things you couldnโ€™t do. You only focus on things that didnโ€™t go right, or that didnโ€™t happen the way you wanted them to happen. You only focus on the negatives the society tells you about; you focus on someone calling you a loser, because you donโ€™t believe that youโ€™re more of a hustler. You focus on someone not reciprocating to your emotions, you donโ€™t focus on the amount of efforts you put in them.
Life is tough, and I totally agree it is. To be very honest, sometimes it even sucks. But thatโ€™s what life is all about. Life is about getting kicked in your ass, falling face flat, picking yourself together, getting up, and walking ahead till you get kicked in the ass again.
There are no happy endings, life is an endless roller-coaster of humiliating failures. And with these humiliating failures comes your daily dose of learning. Life is about getting hurt, failing, making mistakes and growing through it.
So, get up every morning and tell yourself, โ€œGood job, you made it through another dayโ€ or maybe, โ€œWow, itโ€™s a new dawn, itโ€™s a new day, itโ€™s a new life for me, and Iโ€™m feeling good.โ€

Give yourself the first positive affirmation everyday because if you expect the society to, youโ€™ll never get one.
And live a life full of gratitude, because you never know when you might run short on days to say thank you.

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Thanks man, I feel a little better about myself now thanks


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