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If you or somebody you know is currently struggling, please take deep breaths and reach out to somebody. Here are few resources that may help.
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Ye khalipan kyo nhi bharta!πŸ’”
Ye tanhai kyo nhi jati
Kyon itne shikwe krta hoon main ajkl
Kyon khud se door rehta hoon main ajkl
Kyon khudko uljha ke rakhta hoon main ajkl
Kyon khuse baat nhi karta main ajkl
Kyon khamoshiyon se dar lgta hai ajkl
Kyon khudko mehsoos nahi karta m ajkl
Kyon apne jakhmo ko marham nhi deta m ajkl
Kyon rona chod diya hai mene ajkl
Kyon ek machine ban gya hoon main ajk
Kyon itna nagative ho gaya hoon main ajkl
Kyon apni problems se door bhgta hoon m ajkl
Kyon khud ko nhi chahta main ajkl
Kyon khwahishen khatm ho gyi h meri ajkl
Kyon sapne nhi dekhta main ajkl

Kya main itna bda ho gya ab
Kya zindgi ab aise hi chlegi ab
Kya jeena chod diya hai maine ab
Kya khud ko kho diya hai maine ab
Kya main khud se kbhi bhi nhi mil paunga ab
Kya subha kbhi nahi aayegi ab

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