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Wtf!!! When im slowly building up my self confidence then there’s my “friends” putting down my confidence in just a second!!! Fuck! And they think its funny!!!

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I know what you mean, people don’t want to see you do better than them and will always try to bring you down. Used to happen with me too. What helped- not giving a fuck about what they think and what they say. I started believing in myself and that I am the best and that really helped me with my self confidence. In the end, only you matter and literally no one else. I am glad you are building up your self confidence, please keep at it. All the best!


Don’t listen to them. I had friends who used to put me down. I defined for them what is acceptable and what’s not by telling them clearly. I gave them 2 chances that’s it. Those who understood and cared about me apologized and are behaving nice and being supportive. We still joke around though. But not in a way that hurts someone’s sentiments. Whereas those who had the tendency to show off their over smartness lost an amazing friend like me. I marked them as “toxic” and cut them out of my life for good.
Life has been peaceful since then. Some of them came back when I stopped interacting or responding to them. They apologized and promised not to repeat it. So I am still friends with them.
You know honey there is a lot of negativity out there in the world. So you deserve a circle where you are respected and loved. That’s your safe space to be happy.
Stay strong and take care 😄


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