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Why I can’t express my feelings into words? I don’t understand what is on my mind. I want to express it properly. I wan’t to understand my mind. It make me breakout sometimes. I feel so stress when I’m alone. And also when I feel alone. My mind is just getting worst. Sometimes, when I overthink, and I do really want to express it, I want to tell everything what is on my mind. And when I’m going to speak or type it, it suddenly disappears.

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you are alone who is going through this, I am also not able to express my feelings into words and sometimes I unable to speak to people…btw whenever you feel stressed try to speak someone whom you trust because I think the only way to get away from this is to talk… and just talk and talk take all the angry, frustration or anything which comes in your mind this helps me a lot hopes this helps you to.
if there is no-one there to speak I’m always ready to talk with you as much u want.


Maybe develop some sort of artistic outlet. Some do not like to talk but paint, write, etc.

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