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why do you sound like the guy I am thinking of? Why are everyone in this same state😭😭

This thought has been deleted by the thought author

so true. But knowing ur own worth I feel is the toughest for any individual. Atleast for me it is. I feel scared to be confident of what I have coz I have nothing. But a lot to look for. Makes me insecure. And such situations makes a person weak from inside.




They will realise it one day. Aur us din tak tum un saari baaton se bahut aage aa chuke honge. Tab tumhe farq bhi nhi padega unhe realise hua hai ya nhi. You will be at ur peaceful state. Till then just take care of urself.❤️


Everyone is different yes it not aboit the love it’s about the person you love. If person don’t want to love you then you can’t force them and whatever you do they can’t gave you that much as you gave them…
Also don’t regret in then if you are not wrong you play your role in respected manner in a relationship…
Your karma is good your intention is not wrong then you are correct at your palace and you did your well.
Be proud of yourself 😎❤️
Humne to khani byaan kr di thi dabe dabe alfazo mein,
Ab vo na samjhe to galti unki hai…


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