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Why do people assume I’m insecure, unconfident or self-hating when I say I’m ugly? Isnt that a stereotype? Why do people associate things like Insecurity, Inadequacy, Fear of Judgement, Unconfidence, Vulenrabilitu or Self-hate with the term ‘Ugly’?
And everytime I say I’m ugly, some random idiot tries to convince me I’m ‘just’ insecure or ‘unconfident’, or that I am indeed beautiful (“everyone is beautiful”, “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”, etc.) and worst ot all- they try tell me looks dont matter.
Why would you give drugs to a depressed kid? I’ve spent years and years dealing with the fact that I’m ugly. I’m tired of it. Please dont feed me any delusions. I’ve experienced what being ugly feels like all my life. Lying to me to make me feel better wont help
And whatever you might say, the mirror doesnt lie.
I live in the same world as you do. I’m not an idiot. Please dont lie to me. My experiences and my mirror will always tell me the truth.

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vikram chouhan @vschouhan

Why is there a question mark at the end of your statement


Becausee it’s not a statement, it’s a question.

Kusuma Kumari @kushuma




Kusuma Kumari @kushuma


Thanweer @thanweer

Listen buddy degrading yourself isn’t an option I know your frustrated about what others say but let me ask you y u keep saying ur ugly to others


Because I am ugly. It’s the truth. I am scarred and deformed. I’m not degrading myself by saying the truth.


So even if you r what you say whats keep stoping you. them?


Nothing is stopping me from doing anything, because I cant do anything.


Being ugly is not a feeling. You cant overcome it. It’s the reality. You learn to deal with it. No one is stopping me from doing anything, why would you assume that? I’m just angry some people feel that they know me better than I know myself. They try to delude me!

Thanweer @thanweer

They are just trying to comfort you . That doesn’t mean they know everything about you


I’m not hurting. Dont comfort me.

Garvit @gj_09

Well there’s a possibility that they actually aren’t lying to you , I mean beauty is subjective, what’s ugly to you might be beautiful for someone else…


You’re telling me my experiences are fake? Why dont you become me for a few days, itll give you a good taste of reality. The audacity you must have to reject a person’s personal experiences…Beauty must be some philosophical concept to you. I’m talking about the scars on my face. I’m talking about the way they deform it.




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