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Why do I always get left behind by people whom I think were my closed friends? I mean, for some reason they just disappeared in my life and then we became strangers. I’m not needy or clingy kind of person but sometimes I also want to have someone/friend who I can talk to, share things, have a good laugh, cry, or just talk random nonsense things. I missed having friends. It has been 3 years that I have noone to be called as my “friend”. I dunno whats wrong with me. Im not a bad person or a bad friend but I dunno why, people just passed by in my life and noone is really staying as my friend. Its really unfair because when I get attached to them, they just leave and thats it. We became strangers. I guess that is how it is. Im fine with that but sometimes its just so sad to be alone and have noone to talk to.

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Hey buddy, I went through the same stuff months ago. Honestly whenever when i was with my friends, I felt left out. It was about time when i realised that i needed to move on. If you felt lonely while being with a group, ARE THE EVEN YOUR FRIENDS. there might have been times when they helped you. but whatever they put you thru recently, its not worth it to think upon another time. Only quarter percent of your life is completed. There are still billions of people for you to make friends. Just remember , you are never alone. I wish I could reach out to you. this is my instagram i: [@sorru_mukiyam] just in case you have an opinion or if you want someone to talk with. I have been in your place. The best way to overcome it is to let go of those so called friends and make new ones and focus on family and life.


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