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Avni @avni

When people going through stuff like depression, suicidal tendencies, abuse share their stories for validation or understanding, there are times when people will dissociate or distance themselves from you and thats okay. A lot of times, we feel angry, betrayed , indignified and a feeling of revenge for all the fake people in the world that cant handle β€œreal” issues. Trust me, sometimes its not their fault, nor is it their responsibility. A lot of the times, they cannot relate to you, they dont have sufficient information to go about it, they dont have experience on what to say and maybe, they just dont want to deal with it. Thats all fine. When we get a little better, we too, understand how hard it is to deal with this heaviness. And we too, dont want to associate ourselves with it. Its a shift in perspective tbh. This is why it is important to involve licences medical professionals or at least people who know how to manouver through this stuff.

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