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When I’m alone doing what I love or when I’m surrounded by my closest and dearest friends I’m truly happy and I feel confident and comfortable however being in certain places surrounded by certain people makes me hate myself and I become very insecure and unhappy because I can’t just be myself and not feel bad about it. I don’t mean it as when I’m around certain negative people in my life I could simply distance myself from but when I’m just generally out there in the world, like at school, or when I go out around my town and anywhere where I have to interact with other people, it’s weird cuz I would consider myself a pretty confident person and I feel good about myself when I’m on my own, i don’t see anything I’d like to change and i don’t think anything’s wrong with me whatsoever however when I’m with others I suddenly hate everything. Lately, I just stay home and lock myself in my little bubble bc I feel okay when I’m there but I feel like that’s also not very healthy so idk what to do.

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Same same !!!


Hi there, In my opinion I think that you should stay around the people that make you feel most comfortable since being with other people you don’t feel the same way.But I recommend you to use little by little your confidence and positivity when you go out of your bubble.Life is about new opportunities and experiences and I know it might feel frightening but maybe once you know them you feel more comfortable around them.Hope my message helps you.Good luck!!


Yes, you’re probably right, it’s just a complicated thing to do bc I’m constantly afraid of getting hurt. Thank you so much for your words and advice <3


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