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When I came out to my mum I said I was bisexual thinking that maybe it would make her accept me knowing I could still get a bf, but she said she doesn’t think I am she told me to never tell my dad and then said a lot of things to convince me I’m straight I have been feeling this way since I was young and it hasn’t changed so I’m aware it isn’t a phase. But since then it has made me feel ashamed of myself I have been worried that she won’t accept me when I’m older and have a gf

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Off-topic: In my experience from what I’ve seen most of the bisexual girls choose to have a gf rather than a bf although they’re bisexual. It could be something I don’t understand.

On-topic: parents never really understand you until and unless you’ve made something of yourself and even then they don’t fully understand you. It’s better to accept that.

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