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Moonpiecookiegi... @moonpiecookiegirl

What’s the point of life. Whenever I ask that question I always get random advice. I don’t want advice, I want answers. If the point of life is living I don’t want to live. People talk about life and love as if they are all unicorns and rainbows but when I think of life I think if pain and suffering, when I think of love I think of heartbreak.

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Nitesh @niranjannitesh

There is no inherent meaning to the world or life. Everything is absurd.
I have been in this pursuit of searching for the meaning of life for the last 3 years. And because of that nothing excites me anymore.
This is a quote wrote recently:
The world is imperfectly perfect and meaninglessly meaningful.
We define ourselves each and every day just to redefine again.
It’s like the mathematical term “tends to infinity”
I know religion makes it harder.
but if you have come this far to see the world from a different point of view, don’t stop here.
If you want to remove the frustration or even remove the pain best thing you can do is find a distraction, at least this is what I did.
Inserting another quote of mine:
Life itself is the best distraction from life.
I could be wrong. but hey, who knows?
Break the cycle and rise above.


I am in the similar phase. I don’t want to live


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