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Vaishali @vaishalivarsh

What’s more important?
1. Being sad or being in pain.
2. Get up straight and focus on what to do next.

What’s your call?

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Vaishali @vaishalivarsh

If going with the second option,
Thn go and get up,. And work hard to remove all your pain… i know this sounds filmy! But trust me i have tried this all!

Chris @boredaf123

You don’t choose 2 to remove pain. You choose 2 so that you get adjusted to it, and it slowly goes away from your life. Plus you are in a much better position to handle that pain of you have worked hard.

Vaishali @vaishalivarsh

Thts the point … we are choosing second option to get rid of first one:)

Vaishali @vaishalivarsh

Nothing much., Just a girl who survived this phase and now living happily, doing job & aiming high just for self.

Vaishali @vaishalivarsh


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Swotter @kskarthik

Hahaha my take is lil dramatic, here it goes:

Option 1 is gravity always want to pull you down. Option 2 is a rocket. But as any rocket it needs to attain critical velocity to overcome the gravity. Its just not possible in one instance and you need trying, make several attempts. Some fail some pass (ask isro) and takes good effort. Sometimes you have taken too many attempts still it doesn’t work then change the tech (from pslv to gslv) but it takes faith, etc… (you know the drill)…Hope it makes sense!

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