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what are the effective excercises or diet which help in weight loss?
i really wanna weight lose

m a girl

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All you have to do is calorie deficit and workout! You dont need to cut out sugar or carbs or anything just decrease your quantity of meal!!


First of you need to understand concept of a calorie deficit. A good rule of thumb is remaining 200-500 calories below your maintenance calories. You need to start eating more protein given that it falls under your deficit.
Start doing weight training…that to most of the exercise should be compound exercises …the big three include bench press, squats and deadlifts. Than there is timing of exercise, it has been found that morning fasted workouts have shown good results for weight loss and evening workouts helps more in gaining muscles…and at the end it’s a never ending process … education your self about health and fitness …there are enough resources out there…never look for shortcuts because they will end up harming you…good luck


do body weight workouts religiously!


Hey so you know for weight loss journey first you have to be mentally prepared
Cut down sugar (replace it with jaggery or mishri )
Cut down salt (replace it with rock salt )
Eat dinner before 5pm (if you are still hungry at night then drink warm milk with pure almond oil )
Drink 2 glass of water just after you wake up (before brushing your teeth)
And if you wanna know more then dm me on instagram rohan.rathore27
P.S I lost 20kgs recently