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Well, we are currently involved in a court case against my sil, who has implicated me, my brother and my mother of dv, dowry and is seeking maintenance. She is asking for 35lakh for jewellery and expenditure on wedding, 50 lakh for domestic violence and 35k per month as maintenance, This is coming from someone who had a dowry less marraige, was free from any restrictions and was never forced to do anything. She is working on top of that. The total expenditure was around 3-4 lakhs from their side. Turns out she has made recordings wherein she has implicated my brother of extorting money from her, which by the way, we knew that she would torture him in the middle of the night with baseless allegations until he would give in and say, yes okay, i admit to this, what now. My heart goes out to innocent men and their families going through same situation. I cant imagine living with people who get married just to make big bucks and go. This extreme anxiety occupies all of my time and advocates aren’t much help either. All of them try to make as much money as possible but dont really give two shits about how much the family is struggling to sustain the case. I try to think that everything is working out best case scenario but i am not sure how this will come to pass.

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oh god, that is so horrible. and to think that anybody is safe from it…no one is. we have seen such cases on tv and movies, but we never assume that it could happen to us. I feel so helpless right now. I wish I could do something to help. But I think right now, it is so important for you to fight with all your might and not be quiet and let her get her way. She cannot put false accusations without any repercussions. Try to clear your head, so that you can think straight and collect evidence that proves his innocence. Don’t let her try to play victim. Some people can be so clever and manipulative in relationships that they make the other person believe what they want them to believe. I really hope and pray that you get the justice you deserve. I think it’s possible, as long as you don’t give up. Keep believing, and it will all work out eventually. sending you strength, and inner peace to you and your entire family. You’ve got each other.

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Simran Patel @simranpatel


I hope you and your family find a way out of this.


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