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Well,my friends always see me as a happy-go-lucky girl that has no problems, but little do they know, everytime that im alone i just feel so empty! I want them to see that side of me even without telling them! And when im sad and they know it, they dont even ask if im ok! They also talk shit in front of me without realizing what i feel! They think that its all joke for them.

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I’ve recently joined Now&Me & I’m surprised how many people especially youths are lonely,depressed sad and confused all the time. We have need to do some constructive work to eliminate this trend.I’m trying my best to suggest as many people as possible. It makes me feel contained. Maybe, you should also try it too & reply to as many questions you can on this website It brings immense satisfaction and heals you unknowingly. Try it!!

The reason I joined this site is same like yours. We all at times feel lonely because the way society is conditioning us these days. Lack of positivity,self motivation around us is the reason we feel empty most of the time. While, in your case your friends connect with your happy go lucky nature. Due to which they fail to realise how you feel in “me” your time. 1 out of 10 friends will be sensible enough to understand how you really feel & mostly that friend will be introvert. You also need to understand nature of your friends so that you can keep expectations from them for your emotional support.

I understand your expectations from your friends but have you ever out of the blue tried to find out. Are your friends really doing fine in their lives? Most of the time people keep transactions of reactions like why should I ask her, has she ever asked me how I feel? and react accordingly. I don’t think it is right in any relationship.

Also, whenever you feel they are crossing their limits, let them know politely how do you feel. No matter how they react to it you should let them know once.