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Well i want to know is it okay to be clingy type of person, do others not like clingy person ? I’m like being clingy to my parents but my mom never even let me hug her,i don’t even remember when was the last time I hugged her ,felt loved physically by her …she loves me a lot ik that but she never shows it so I doubt that now . She not Even let get close to my dad ,like sit near him or hug him . I really need to let my emotion and feeling out but I can’t.

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Try to write a letter to your mom about this,that how you are feeling, write all the convincing things in it… In know its hard to have a face to face talk but you can try this maybe it can work…<3


not being able to get any physical affection from ur parents can happen at times.Maybe there is a problem that they are dealing with or maybe there are teaching u lesson in the end what matters is that uk that u mean the world to them.


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