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well i dont know i am an introvert or an extrovert…
i want to talk to people just like everyone does but i cant somehow i dont come up with what to talk? how to talk ? where to start? its like that awkward situation ??? but sometimes i want to be lonely just with my solitude, stroming my mind, telling what is right and what is not. its not like i am anti socialize or something … I do have a good followers on instagram nd fb but somehow i am not able to talk with them…
 can u guys please help me with this …
I really need help. this is driving me crazy.everyone telling me that i am boring, i dont know how to talk . 
plz guys,

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hello, you are not alone. you are not boring and you are not doing anything wrong. start by sharing your problems here on nowandme. start by writing in a journal. probably start sharing with someone else slowly and gradually. don’t worry about make mistakes. it’s okay to say wrong things, it’s okay to be in awkward situations. it’s okay. you will learn and grow through it!!!


I completely agree to the above^Society compels us to fit into boxes-introvert or extrovert. But in life, really, it is seldom black or white. It is usually more of one than the other. You don’t have to change yourself to seem more “interesting” to others. On a genuine note, you can take an active interest in the person’s preferences…what they like to do, what are their interests, find if you have something in common…only if that is something that is interesting to YOU. Do give it a shot and find out for yourself. But if you’re a person of few words, that’s totally cool. You don’t have to change who you are to fit in. All sorts of people make the world charming. Your personality is one of them, always own it xx

Khushboo @khushboo

Please don’t be low. You are not alone or boring . Try to start expressing yourself from now on. Start with us. We will listen to you. Learn and grow each day.


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