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We as humans are an amalgamation of multiple identities, our sexuality being one of them. In a country that doesn’t openly talk about queerness, we’re here to open up this conversation with you! Today we have with us Shaifila Ladhani, a feminist, queer affirmative & trauma-informed practitioner, to talk to us about queerness, its expression, growing up as a queer individual, the stigma, the emotions, and so much more! 🌈😍

About Shaifila Ladhani (She/Her)- ⬇️

Shaifila Ladhani is an accomplished practising psychotherapist based out of Delhi. She believes that mental health is psychosocial in nature and that working with individuals requires acknowledging their psychosocial contexts. She is a feminist, queer affirmative, trauma-informed practitioner. She is working on building efficient models of therapeutic care, which takes into account the mental health needs and concerns that go beyond the space(s) of therapy. She has built a thriving private practice over the past years. She has worked with several NGOs and organizations to create accessible mental health services and products.

Feel free to ask her any and all questions aligning with the theme in the comments section before 11th June 2022 without a smidge of hesitation! 🫂

P.S- You can also book a therapy session with Shaifila right here!

Remember that asking questions shows strength, not weakness. 🤗💐
🧡 Ask away and stay informed! 🧡

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What does Queerness exactly means?

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Shaifila @shaifila

Queerness was used as a slur before, but it is an identity marker reclaimed by people from the LGBTQIA+ community. Labels allow us to define our identities and experiences better and queer is one of the labels. It does not refer to a specific sexuality or gender identity but more about a personal understanding of the word itself. Here is a great article to understand the meaning of the word with lived experiences


I posted this just yesterday i am glad Nowand
E is doing this!!

I’m so confused.
I feel like I’m into men but then they also disgust (i say this because of my experiences of sexual harassment by men) me sometimes. I also feel like i like women but I don’t really get along with them sometimes. Who am i!!!

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Shaifila @shaifila

Hey! Sexuality is fluid, it is not that easy for us to just use these labels and figure out attraction and sex. I am glad that you can open up about it. Personal therapy can really help you find the clarity a little bit more. Remember: sexuality is not a box, it is a spectrum. Give yourself some time :) All the best!




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