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zw @narutosan

Want to lift weights, but Iived a sedentary lifestyle. Didn’t play sports as a kid so I am out of shape and lack coordination. I am so scared to go to the gym alone. Also scared I am going to embarrass myself. I have adhd as well so it takes me time to learn how to do things.
I also have no friends to go to the gym with. So yeah I am pretty alone.

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how about frst starting at home u will gain confidence

Praneeth @blahboyhw

Hey that’s definitely a valid point but these days gyms have personal trainers and classes… I started like that when I first went to gym I was not going with my friends Soo I took few sessions until I got coordination. Ur body just need right guidance that’s it. It will adopt

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Turtle @turtle09

Hey You can try FITTR app … for home workouts… Not a promotion but I can relate to how you feel and I got a standard coach with my friend and I lost over 8 kgs in 3 months … More than that I enjoyed the process . Cause they guide you through everything and its all home workouts based . Do try and let me know . If you dont want a coach you can follow the app … and figure it out all by urself using the app. All the best .

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Turtle @turtle09

Its India based but it is all in english and anyone could use it .


Please lift weights under supervision. I say this because many people suffer from severe back issues after doing workouts which might not be well suited for their body.
Build your body but not at the cost of making it suffer. Enroll yourself with a practitioner who knows what’s best for your body.
I have witnesses people who pursue gyming and end up with back issues and back issues might not sound dreadful but they turn severe and sometimes are long term.

I don’t mean to scare you. I mean well. Please consult a good instructor and only then go for weights.


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