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Very often people say "pain is temporary"so I tried to see pain in the same way.
Let me say it came in a very unexpected way,caused Chaos within me both mentally and physically ,could not talk to anyone or could not even get sleep for monthโ€™s,made a panic even at things or people or anything the used to do or enjoy or be with , literally everything around me was seemed clueless & negativity was controling me , instead of me controlling it ,so happend over n over again untill one day a memory popโ€™s up
,the memory which is when I was a child whenever I used to feel pain , I was told "itโ€™s temporary stop thinking about it , everything will to okay ,alright or fine soon on bla bla bla and I used to believe that and believe myself with a smile which was making me stronger and so it did , so even this time I re-applied that memory and told myself that same words everytime , it worked , Iโ€™m still healing slowly but better and stronger than before ,
So let me say this again people
Pain is temporary
Itโ€™s,okay everthing will be alright and fine very soon so please trust the process and most importantly please ,please ,please โ€œBelieve in yourselfโ€ , cuz your stronger

Lotโ€™s of love
Thanks for reading .

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Thank you for the subtle courage youโ€™ve given me. That is beautiful and Iโ€™m so happy to hear youโ€™re healing!! Thank you for the encouragement, youโ€™re a beautiful soul! :D

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ANGEL BLUE @angelblue


Alright now that was stunning I mean thank you๐Ÿ”ฅ
Always yours, AngelBlue


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