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Update on my gynophobia

Last week I had severe gynophobia induced anxiety which was made worse by fever and body pain, now yesterday I felt better and decided to go out to buy groceries and I didn’t make any eye contact with any of the women at the cash counter. I talked to my mother, texted my sister about her health and messaged my online competitive exam study partner about exam related updates and everything was feeling good up till night time. It struck me suddenly that I am not normal and weird, i have gynophobia coupled with schziophrenia and am 30 years old with no experience interacting
with women. I lost interest in romance and marriage once I realised my mental illness and my inexperience are Major red flags and am just getting my hopes up for no reason.

Therapist suggested to find a group or activity of mixed group and try to talk to women but am unable to find anything that interests me at the moment.

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olive @oliv19roy


It will happen with time bro . First be kind to yourself. Practice self love and self care . Belive in yourself and GOD . WHATEVER happens will happen for the best… don’t loose hope


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