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trigger warning: mention of self-harm/suicidal ideation

at 21, after 22 years of their marriage, my parents might divorce. any tips or words of encouragement?

they’ve always had talks of it whenever things got rough. and somehow i’m always put in the middle of it, or blamed by my mum, who starts it. my mum blames their marriage problems and her own problems on me too often (for instance today i went out to work, it was my first day at work, and she calls my phone yelling. she doesn’t want me working).

it’s always ended up being fine. but now i’m not so sure. going through it is tough. blame-gaming, yelling, gaslighted. in the past it’s gotten to me and have had me at a very low place, to the point of turning to self-harm (feeling trapped, as if there’s no way out of this gloom etc).

i have a 8 year old brother who i’m worried about (in case they separate). i know that he’s going to be fine, for his sake i am going to make sure i stay strong. but it’s tough.

we’re an immigrant family living in america, with so many uncertainties.

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